Proxima: high-level technology and automatic waste system

PROXIMA is the new LM ELETTROTECNICA loading machine, and thanks to its innovative systems, it can reach an hourly production of 12.500 pcs. The new technology allows to achieve these high performances, without shaking the material inside the casing.

With PROXIMA you have huge advantages:

Traslation and metering system of powder and lead are controlled by CNC system;

Each phase of PROXIMA is automatically controlled by analog sensor and photocells, which monitor every operation of the machine;

PROXIMA is equipped with a real automatic waste system, without material losing (powder, lead and wad). In case of anomaly, the machine does not stop, but does not introduce the products inside the case after the detected errors;

A touch screen panel, allows you to control every parameter of the machine, functionality and anomalies. It has the possibility to set up and verify a series of PROXIMA utilities;

It has a double lubrication system, grease for moving parts and lubricating oil for pre-edging of the pots;

All the electrical and pneumatic components used on PROXIMA are of the highest quality;

PROXIMA is equipped with an ENERGY SAVING system.

technical data

Hourly production: 12500 pz/h

Gauges and accessories: from the 12 gauge to the 28 gauge, shutter, felt wad, BIOR wad, steel shot, slug, buck shoot, cardboard/fluff.

Dimension: see the lay out

Weight: 4000 kg

Installed power: 5 kw

Air: 650/700 nl/min

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