Helios: loading machine

HELIOS is the new complete loading line of LM ELETTROTECNICA and thanks to its innovative systems, it can reach an hourly production of 4500 pcs/h. The new technology allows to reach these high performances, without shaking of the material inside the cases.

With helios you have huge advantages:

The powder and lead transfer and dosing systems are controlled by CNC systems;

Each phase of HELIOS is automatically controlled by sensors and photocells, which monitor every operation of the machine;

A touch screen panel allows you to control every parameter of the machine, functionality and anomalies. It has the ability to set up and test a number of HELIOS utilities;

All the electrical and pneumatic components used on HELIOS are of the highest quality;

It is equipped with a millimeter track adjustment system in order to make the setting easy and intuitive;

Thanks to the studies carried out, maintenance has been made as simple and fast as possible;

HELIOS thanks to its technology can be integrated into a 4.0 IT structure, so it is 4.0 Ready!

technical data

Hourly production: 4500 pcs / h

Gauges and accessories: 12 to 28 gauge, bolt, felt wad, BIOR wad, steel shot, cardboard I disk buckshot

Ground dimensions: see layout

Weight: 2000 kg

Absorbed power: 3.3 kw

Air: 450 nl/minute

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